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Recommended Webcomics:

5ideways - a multimedia interactive event, most innovative webcomic I've seen

Alien Loves Predator - for the teenage boy in all of us

Animals Have Problems Too - you better believe they do

Friendly Hostility - funny, loveable characters, not nurse porn

Grayling - different, in-depth

Nice Hair - because I too often wonder what would happen if Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, and Robert Smith were flatmates

Okashina Okashi (Strange Candy) - parody that's fun

Schism - some of the best art I've seen, one of the best plots I've seen

Spook Squad - jaunty haunted fun

Something Positive - because I like my wit sardonic and cynical

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - because all shoujo heroines should be former dudes


J-Rock Webcomics:

The Way to Your Heart - visual kei served with a dish of shoujo melodrama



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